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Security Audit

Security Audit

Align your Infrastructure for Highest-Grade Security with AmreenIT

Security Audits are conducted on network systems, servers and user desktop environments to analyses the security status and identify vulnerabilities. These audits enable companies to find and fix vulnerabilities, protect sensitive data and upgrade infrastructure to cope up with emerging cyber threats. Security audits are generally automated, but infrastructure architecture does not permit to run only automated audits, so we need to form a strategy to automate and cybersecurity audits. Firewall security, malware detection, intrusion detection, data loss prevention, user and entity behaviour analytics, encryption etc.

Benefits of Security Audits

  • Discover and Identify potential threats.
  • Secure Business Data.
  • Identify Hardware Issues and limitations.
  • Strengthen IT Policies.
  • Identify Network Inefficiencies.

Regular security audits protect your network with extended detection and response, secure access service edge and SaaS-enabled security. Our security architects concentrate on minute aspects of your infrastructure to let you control your network and server security.