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Server Administration

Server Administration

Let Us Manage Your Company’s Servers, Network, and Workstations For Higher Efficiency

Servers hold critical information in the form of data, applications and services.Businesses rely on their server infrastructure for data storage, run applications, host other critical services shared among desktop and user environments. Server administration includes management of hardware, operating systems, software applications, data security and data backups.

What does Server Administration include?

Hardware Monitoring: Monitor key hardware components of the servers for optimal performance. Components include CPUs, Memory and Storage. Monitoring is done by onboarding the servers to our monitoring platform.
Software Security Monitoring: We ensure major security updates on operating systems and anti-virus software is done to the servers to secure the server from any kind of cyber-attacks. We ensure all firewall rules are in place and only authorized users have access to data stored on the server.
Backup Monitoring: Business continuity and disaster recovery practices are crucial to any business operations. Our engineers run preventive maintenance checks to ensure timely backups. Our monitoring software is live 24 X 7 to ensure backups are running hourly. In any event of hardware or software failure, we can restore our servers to the last backup taken which can be in the last ten minutes to one hour.